Supervision and station management

ASA airline service takes care of supervision and station management.

Tailored to your needs

We offer the highest level of service and value for money in representation, supervision and station management. We offer integrated packages, tailored to your needs.

Research and negotiation

We research and negotiate with service providers.

  • aircraft handling agents
  • security companies
  • sales agents
  • catering
  • cleaning

SLA’s will be folllowed up

We will ensure that the contractual agreements between you and the mentioned companies are
complied with and established SLA’s will be followed up.

Start up procedures

We assist airlines with start up procedures for new carriers to an airport, from dealing with the
Department of Transport and Civil Aviation to negotiating with the airport authorities and handling agents.

Regulations and coordination

In order to comply with national and international regulations, we coordinate with all government
agencies, to advise and update you on:

  • security requirements
  • immigration
  • taxes and other restrictions

Pre and post flight procedures

On the day of departure we facilitate pre and post flight procedures, tickets on departure for
passengers and load planning for your cargo.

Requirements and quality garantee

We handle all your passenger and cargo requirements. We supervise your handling agent to ensure the smooth operation of your aircraft from start to finish and we guarantee the highest quality.


We provide the vital communication link between the airline’s head office, its operations department and the destination airport.

Hotel discount rates

We maintain good relations with major hotels and have negotiated discount rates which are available to clients, crew and passengers.